The World of ZOZ

Today we have finished the initial stage of the DDA Carnival. Our mascot ZOZ has managedZOZ WINS! to travel through space to a new planet where he can participate in all sorts of games that in some way or another show our portfolio of work. This project is by no means completely finished, but we can now see the initial vision realized. With roughly half of the planet sections complete, people can get a sample of what we are capable of as far as different ways that we can utilize flash in both programming and animation.

I’ve seen how all the employees here rely on each other in order to get things done. We had David with his vision, artists creating the look, and several flash and Shockwave programmers and flash artists to bring the art to life. If one group was bogged down with work for another project and couldn’t work on the Carnival, it would eventually halt work on the Carnival project for another group of workers. Everyone’s work relied on each other and it worked out nicely. We managed to get the Carnival done between everyone’s numerous other projects. It has turned out well so far and I can’t wait to see what it’s like when all of the planet sections are complete.

I am always curious to see what the artists will come up with when they are designing the new planet sections. It’s always unique. My favorite so far is the haunted mansion world. For this one, Melissa made two backgrounds. One was to show the atmosphere in the dark. One was to show the atmosphere during a lightening strike. I animated these in flash with a repeating cycle of sporadic lightening strikes and it looks really cool and a slight challenge to navigate the paths just by what you can see during the lightening strikes. I am excited to the show the Carnival to people I know and see their reactions!