Through the Storms

Oh joy, we’ve fully made it through the rainy icky week to the 70-degree nice Thursday weather.  I even ditched my newly re-worn coat this morning in anticipation of the lovely day. I still am wearing my thermal undershirt though just in case and I’m glad I did as the morning proved to still be a bit nippy and I would have been shivering without it in the beginning of the car ride to work. I can’t wait until lunch when it will have fully heated up and I can sit and bask in the sunshine for a little bit. An outdoor run will be nice on Friday and I might even be able to make that an outdoor cycling session as my bike is scheduled to arrive then. I’m excited for that to get here so I can officially start training to finish a triathlon. I have no speed goals yet, just a goal of finishing as I am somewhat intimidated by the race. I’m going to also have to get a pool pass at the YMCA so I can still train for the swimming portion of the race throughout the winter season. I would just swim laps in my own pool but it’s now closed. If I could I would get one of those endless pools in the house so that I could swim in place as much as I wanted year-round without worries about the weather.

At DDA, we don’t have to worry about how weather is going to affect our work. As a bunch of people in the digital age working on computers, we are indoors all the time. Come rain, sleet, fog, snow, wind and whatever else, as long as we can get our cars to navigate the roads to 1265 Industrial Hwy, we will end up hard at work inside. Inside we have a lovely forecast of temperatures in the mid 70′s with a zero percent chance of rain from now until we leave the building. So we can plug along working on our 3D animations, video editing, advanced programming, copywriting, custom web design, and everything else that the media world can throw at us. So give us a call or visit today and see what we can do for you, while we sit in our nice weather bubbles of productivity.