Thus is the way

Rob’s swallowing animation has been waiting on an approval for the look of the liquid, also referred to as a bolus in these 3D animations, and it looks like he has finally gotten it. I’ve seen him trying many methods to make a realistic looking liquid that flows and gets swallowed like a real liquid does and that sounds really hard to achieve to me. It looks as though he has finally pulled it off. It looks complicated, but might be easier to work with for me than the last bolus method I saw. He previously used a path that it had to follow, but with a liquid moving around that seemed like it would be hard to use in many situations. The new method is more of a frame animation method like I’ve always used where I can go to a frame, move the bolus where it should be at that point in time and set a keyframe. The catch is that the bolus is using an emitter, so the particles have to be controlled and regulated in numerous ways and you have to hope that they act the way that you want them to when the program calculates the physics of their movements. Either way it’s my first venture into using particle animation and hopefully it goes well. Of course though I’d like to flee back to my safety zone of Flash animation where I know these particle animations don’t exist and I could throw in some programming too, but I guess it’s time to expand the skill set again. Thus is the way.

Everyone has to stretch their wings from time to time here. I’ve seen a videographer trying Flash,  numerous people learning new programming languages as they go, and even a programmer trying the plumbing and water cooler repair. In the computer world, things are changing and evolving all the time, so in order to keep up with the technology of the time you have to keep learning new things. In college, a professor told us he was going to teach us how to learn, not actually how to use any specific tool or language just because of how technology changes. This professor was also a little nutty, but the idea made some sense. Though I would have liked to have learned something concrete since it is hard to get a job by saying “I don’t know how to do anything yet, but I can learn how to do that”. I can say that easily 90% of what I do here now, I didn’t know how to do when I was interviewed. That’s crazy.