Too Much

I had to make a quick video intro for my movie marathon pick last night since a movie marathon is coming up this weekend. At least that is what I thought last night. I procrastinated for several weeks and didn’t really have any funny ideas and didn’t really have the motivation that I usually had for these things. Seeing as this is the 11th movie marathon and they’ve been happening every 3 months, people are wearing down and getting tired of them. They aren’t much to get excited about anymore. Plus they are really taxing because of the 24 hours of no sleep that goes with them.

Anyway, shortly after I had finished throwing together an intro video I saw an email that was sent out from the guy who runs the marathons. He could sense that no one was very enthusiastic this time. Many people were going to show up late and many weren’t making intro videos. So he said he is postponing this movie marathon until May of next year. That ‘s a big jump. He said we will do them only once a year from now on, which is a good idea and what I thought he was going to do from the beginning. I’m a little disappointed because I’ve been waiting to watch my movie pick for months already. I generally like to pick movies that I haven’t ever seen before and hope that they are going to be good based on people’s reviews and descriptions. Plus, it’s less boring for everyone if they have never seen a movie before. If this postponing holds true I will have to just watch the movie because I can’t wait any longer.

Yes, there can be too much of a good thing. That’s true of food, movie marathons, and websites. Designing a website is a task best left to the professionals because you may fall in love with a certain little feature like an animated gif or small flash animation and end up inundating the website with it. At that point you lose sight of the goal and the movement, and animations everywhere can detract from the page’s effectiveness. The users won’t know where to look and won’t be able to focus on any one section. That’s one example of too much of a good thing. There can be too much copywriting text in a paragraph too. Users like content to be broken up into bite size pieces or they sometimes won’t want to even try to read the content. There could also be too many pictures without enough content though too. It’s all really a balancing act that our graphic designers are used to handling. So come to us for your custom web design needs and we’ll make you a website with the right amount of everything.