Tour de Parks

A nice day flurry of weather starting on Saturday will kick off one of my vacation time plans, which is bike riding. I’ll try out biking in the various locations I’ll be at while the biking is still good. It’s a matter of time before I’ll be stuck biking and running inside. Since I’ve finally got a bike, I’ve been really excited to ride it as much as possible. Unfortunately I have only been able to ride it once outside and three times inside. For one reason or another, I’ve not been able to ride but a few times at the park when I wanted to go. Plenty of free time to try out many various parks and roads all over the place is in the near future. For the most part it appears that the weather will be cooperating too.

My only outdoor ride at Peace Valley Park turned out to not be the best location as the paths are a lot more noticeably in disrepair when your on a bike instead of on foot. There was also way to much foot traffic to really peddle hard for long stretches. My first stop next will be the luxurious paths at Lake Nockamixon before expanding my journey farther and farther outwards. I know that Lake Nockamixon is host to a triathlon once a year so there is sure to be smooth paths and wide lanes there to accommodate. I’m going to need to soak up as many scenic rides as possible to store in my memory and re-live when I am instead stuck in my basement riding and snowed in. If my memory fails me, then I guess I’ll have to give in and buy one of those silly videos that show you an outdoor ride from the riders perspective to make you feel like you’re outside.

I bet DDA could make one of those videos if someone wanted. We have all the necessary equipment for such a feat and the staff to back it up. With video editing/videography specialists who know all the ins and outs, the final product would be great. To put the DDA stamp on it, I’m sure we would think of something new and innovative to do with it as well. Maybe we’d somehow harness the skills of our 3D animator and throw in our own virtual elements to surprise and entertain on the virtual ride. Anything surprising would be interesting. So give us a call or visit and see what we can do for you.