My dad got a new (gently used) car and for once didn’t haggle at all. What’s wrong with him? He was apparently so excited about the trade-in values for the Mustang that he didn’t bother haggling. It was the highest trade-in offer we’d ever got on the Mustang in the two years we’ve been trying to trade it in. My dad was never quite sold on the Mustang since it had horrible gas mileage, was bad in snow since it had rear wheel drive, and didn’t have much cargo space at all. He’s been trying to get rid of it and finally got an offer that he liked after a long time.

Now he’s got something that he picked out that he likes with great gas mileage, front wheel drive, plenty of space, and four doors. It’s a 2010 too so it’s got a bunch of the nice little frills that current technology has to offer. For goodness sakes though, why didn’t he go the extra step and haggle a little bit! Not haggling to me seems like the equivalent of not getting a good trade-in value. I assume that all car dealers have a little extra padding in the price expecting to need to haggle. Then they can drop the price and let the customer think they won, while still getting the sale price they are happy with for their own profit. Not haggling just pads the car salesman’s pockets extra. My dad’s been a known haggler so I was really surprised to hear that he didn’t do anything. Oh well. At least he likes the car he got now.

There’s no haggling or trade-ins with DDA. We quote, we work, and we charge a set hourly rate for the work we did with documented expended time for it all. So no matter if we are working on 3D animation, custom web design, advanced programming, video editing, or something else. You will know what you are getting and we’ll detail what we did and how long it took. So give us a call or visit and see what we can do for you.