At Thanksgiving we have this tradition that nobody likes, but we continue to do anyway. Before eating we go around the table and everyone has to say what they are thankful for. Everyone tries to ignore it and hope that it will be forgotten, but the host always seems to be on the ball and always kicks it off. It’s almost a half an hour process due to the large number of people who are there. Some people have speeches and some just say they are thankful for “everything” (lame). Some people get laughs and some get a collective “awww.” Anyway you cut it, you’re going to have to think of something to say before you can enjoy the bountiful meal. Right now I know that I am thankful for a 3-day week and extra long weekend, but that won’t be mentioned. It falls low on the scale of importance.

DDA as a company has to be thankful to still be around in a bad economy. While many other Internet companies and advertising firms have gone under, DDA has stayed afloat. We still maintain 7 divisions to handle all types of projects from video editing, to print design, to website programming. We still have our 4-day weeks. We still have bagel Mondays and beer Thursdays. There is still coffee, tea, and hot chocolate aplenty. Business has picked up again and many large projects have been taken on so next year should be better. Less competitors can only mean more business for us too. So even though the economic recovery sounds like it will be slow, we have made it through the worst and have proven that we have the staying power to continue on for years to come. And if I ever see a masseuse again, I’ll know that we are doing more than well.