Training Systems

At DDA, we have made Healthcare IT training systems for several clients. These are usually web-based and generally are made in flash. These are not typical training systems though. Our training systems have integrated streaming video into the questions. This makes quizzing more interactive and certainly less boring for the test taker. Upon successful completion of a training program the user is also awarded an online certificate in PDF format with their information already printed on it. They can print this out at their leisure.

From the client’s perspective, we also add many useful features. The training programs can be altered and modified to do whatever the client wants. One feature we have previously implemented for a client that I’m sure many others would like is a back-end tracking system of the users that have tried the training program. This way the client can see who has tried, who has passed, and when they passed. This is also enables us to add a feature for users who have previously tested to come back, login again, and reprint their certificate in case they lost or misplaced it.

There are many options and many more things we can do with flash programming for any training applications. Only your imagination is the limit.