Transforming Garbage to Dollars

Well I haven’t seen Transformers 2, but from what I’ve read on the Internet, it is a bad movie.  I actually saw a link to a story on Yahoo that talked about the top 10 biggest gaping plot holes in the movie.  If you need to make a top 10 list then there must be a lot more than 10 to choose from.  The interesting part about this movie is that it seems to be becoming a blockbuster hit.  It had an astounding opening and has already been labeled the worst movie with a $400 million dollar gross, if it hits that mark.  Since it is already halfway there, it might be possible.  This status is due to its panning by most critics and viewers alike.  It would be the only movie in this $400 million dollar category to get such a poor rating on with a mere 20% approval rate.  The current lowest of the group, the 3rd Pirates of the Caribbean, had a 53% approval rate.  The only praise comes from the movie’s action sequences, which are supposed to be plentiful, but even so it seems that everyone recommends checking your brain at the door.

So how did movie pull in so much money with such poor reviews?  Well with great advertising of course. Their advertising campaign had bombarded everyone with images  of the movie.  There were streaming video ads online, plenty of television advertising, and other innovative advertising methods used to get people excited.  The movie’s trailer made sure to highlight the movie’s bright spots, which are of course big robots, big explosions, and Megan Fox, so it’s hard to blame the public for wanting to rush out to the theaters to see it.  As for innovation, they struck a deal and released a new version of a Snickers candy bar called “Snickers Nougabot”  merging the words nougat and robot.  This new candy bar is sporting a yellow nougat inside.

I guess that with enough money for advertising and some thoughtful strategy and innovation, anything can happen.  We might soon even see a movie with a 20% approval rate end up making $400 million dollars in theaters.