Treading New Territory

In my time here, I have been able to learn programming in Coldfusion. But as far as coding in Coldfusion goes, I have only been making forms. They are really nice forms with solid error checking and that email on submission, and on some I have needed to add uploaded images, but still, I have only done forms. In my past, I have made sites in PHP that are comparable to what I am to be making now, but not in Coldfusion.

Based on last Thursday’s venture in this project, I would say that it is going very well. Sure I had some questions that I needed clarification on, but in general all the concepts that I used for creating a PHP site are the same with Coldfusion. I actually got more made than I had expected to finish on the first full programming day. Tyler also made a page to throw into the mix that is fairly advanced with a text area that allows you to format your text in many ways by clicking buttons, like bolding, italicizing, etc. It is very similar to the text area that I am writing this blog on right now, where with the click of a button I can bold or italicize my text.

There may be boatloads of programming left to do on this new project venture, but after Thursday went so well, I am feeling much more optimistic about being able to do a lot of it by myself in a reasonable amount of time too.