Trick R’ Treat

Contrary to my recent blogs about how great the advertising campaign was for Paranormal Activity, I will now reflect on another recent horror movie that somehow slipped through the cracks. The horror movie I am referring to is called Trick R’ Treat and features Anna Paquin. This is a movie I stumbled across on the Internet Movie Database message boards for Paranormal Activity where people were discussing the best horror movie of 2009. The clear victors of this discussion were Paranormal Activity and Trick R’ Treat. Trick R’ Treat’s hype was surviving by word of mouth, but the movie studio did not have any innovative advertising plan for it. Instead, it left it on the shelf for a bit and decided to release it straight to DVD near Halloween. This movie is one that actually had good production value, a nice budget, a Hollywood star, and according to everything that I have read, it is a great classic horror movie. Now why they didn’t come up with a great plan for this movie to build steam for a theater release is beyond me. They actually have started using television advertising for the DVD release. Why didn’t they use that advertising money to promote a theatrical release? It seems like the perfect Halloween movie and I imagine anyone looking for some good Halloween weekend fun might have loved to see it on the big screen. Check out the trailer.

If only they had come to us for some advertising. I bet we could have made something really cool to promote this. It would have been another great chance to make a fun Flash game of some sort. A unique website idea certainly could have been achieved that would have people craving a viewing. But oh well, I guess the movie studio will just have to watch their potential profit melt away. I guess there’s a chance that it isn’t a good movie though and the studio made the right decision. I can’t wait to see it to form my own opinion.