True Website Success

What makes a website successful? Is it fancy graphic design?  Is it the cool little animations and videos?  Is it the innovative way the content is displayed?  Well, to all of those guesses, the answer is “No” (just ask Craigslist or Google), but in some cases they can help.

The real key to a successful and popular website I think comes down to two things.  One, can people find it.  Two, does it have a useful purpose.

For people to find a website you need to market it somehow.  The most cost efficient solution these days is to launch a quality search engine marketing or search engine optimization campaign.  These “behind the scenes” efforts are what get your website to show up at the beginning of search results at places like Google and Yahoo.  If you have a cat website, you’ll want to have your website show up if someone types in “cat” for a search.  While SEO and SEM efforts can take numerous months to take effect due to the slow nature of search engine updates, these effects can last for a long time afterward.  Another approach to get visitors to find your site can be a direct marketing strategy with something like posters or a television ad campaign.  Displaying your website’s URL can have immediate effects and yield visitors, though unless the boost was enough to sustain its popularity, you would need to continuously run ads for its effects to continue.

Now, does your website have a purpose.  This is very important too because even if you get someone to visit it once, that doesn’t mean that they will keep coming back.  A purpose can come in many forms.  It could be a website to give your store an online presence, something strictly informational, or something to provide entertainment.  Sites that don’t have physical stores behind them will live or die based on how many people use their site, so return visitors are key.  If they aren’t returning, then they must not think your site has a purpose for them and that could spell trouble.

These keys to website success are crucial, but other things do factor in as well.  That extra bit of programming that makes use easier or being appealing to the eye can set you apart from any competition you may have.  On the Internet it is either about being the first with an idea that gets recognized or about executing an idea the best and being recognized.  Just make sure you get recognized or you won’t be in the game.

Dynamic Digital Advertising offers award-winning Search Engine Marketing services that can get you on that front page of the search results.  If you want immediate results, our graphic design or video department can create with that magazine ad or television commercial that will have the visitors flocking to your site.