Two Christmases

Tonight, the Monday 5 days before Christmas, we will be having a mini Christmas just for my sister. She is currently visiting, but will be spending Christmas this year elsewhere. Being the first time that this has happened, we decided to move the holiday to when she would be here. She’ll get all her gifts and we’ll exchange our gifts with her, but everyone else will have to wait until real Christmas to get their gifts still. I’ve never been allowed to open anything before Christmas before so this will feel a little strange. It will take place at night for once too since most of the family will be working and won’t get home until 7pm. This too is a departure from the norm of waking up early to find an array of gifts, then having our parents say we had to wait until they got up and had coffee before we could open anything as they sleep in later than ever. That delightful exercise in torture will still take place on regular Christmas as well, but I guess my sister will get to bypass it. Instead she may get a rushed opening as everyone else will be wanting to eat dinner and have to go to bed shortly after. So I guess that this will be a new experience for all, but really who’s going to complain about having two Christmases. As long as they aren’t anything like the movie “Four Christmases”, they should be delightful.

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