Unexpected Guests

My Uncle is visiting again this year and staying with us. Last year it turned out to be quite a debacle. You see last year he said he was staying for one week. It ended up being one month. He also decided to show up a day early last year. That day early happened to be Thanksgiving. He also brought along an alcoholic friend of his unannounced for the whole month. So we had to spring two new guests on out Thanksgiving Day hosts the day of the event. It was all a ridiculous debacle and I can’t believe my Dad agreed to have him here again this year. He showed up last night, earlier than last year. This year he at least hasn’t brought any unannounced guests and even though I don’t like that he’ll be here for a month again, he at least let us know that it would be a month.

No one likes unexpected guests. On the Internet they come in the form of viruses and hackers. DDA does it’s best to counteract these infiltrators efforts by backing up our work in numerous locations. From graphic design to digital photography, it will be backed up. Our programmers make sure we implement the general hacker safeguards in all of our custom programming to avoid any information theft or data corruption. These advanced programming protection methods keep the data safe from the known hacking tricks.  So rest assured that if you go with us, you and your customers’ information will be safe. If you need HIPAA compliance, then we can accommodate that too. Give us a call or visit and see what we can do for you.