Unknown Error

I recently faced a Flash problem that seemed completely mysterious and inexplicable. Well Laurence finally figured out the problem and it was that I had too much code running and Flash couldn’t handle it all when it tried to compile. Go figure. It was causing it to act completely erratic and didn’t show any errors in the output. After scouring the code for anything that would do this and not finding the source, I passed it on to Laurence who has CS4 instead of CS3 and it worked fine for him. Other users of CS3 faced the same problem, so something in the CS4 compiler obviously works better. Laurence was only able to find the problem by saving and publishing the file as a CS3 file and then kept removing code until the error happened to pop up. Apparently there was originally so much code that it couldn’t even handle error outputting. Talk about annoying. It’s hard to fix errors that it can’t even tell you about.

Here is the error output we eventually got: “**Error** , Line 1: 5005: Unknown error optimizing byte code.”

Look it up and you’ll see what I’m talking about. There were some pretty simple solutions listed but none seemed to work for us. So the plan now is to basically reprogram it all in a different way. A way that would be more dynamic and just less code filled. I can’t believe there is even an error like this out there. I’ve never seen anything like it and I didn’t think you could over-program. I now know that it can be a problem in flash programming, but I still wonder if it can happen in other programming languages. Can you program too much in Coldfusion? I didn’t think so, but now I am not sure. What about Java? I know that has to compile, so maybe it too can get stuck. Oh well, I guess finding new and unusual errors goes along with custom programming all your applications. DDA programmers do all custom work because no project is going to be the same. Plus we know that people like choices. So if you want that extra administrator feature, we will add it in because we can. It’s not like we have predetermined code with limited abilities that we can’t go outside of. If there is a feature you want or need, we can most likely create it for you with a little extra time. That way the product you are buying is custom fit to your needs.