Unwanted Visitors

My uncle has been staying with us all Christmas season so far to work at the Christmas tree farm and he’s supposed to be leaving today. He came a week before Thanksgiving and has been with us ever since and it’s a consensus among everyone that we can’t wait for him to leave. This uncle is from Florida and we live so close to the farm that he asked to stay with us and it seemed OK, but he has fully overstayed his welcome. Luckily an uncle who also works at the farm, and lives about 45 minutes away is taking a vacation from work at his normal job to be at the tree farm. That allows the uncle staying with us to not have to stay any longer. I just hope he actually leaves. In the past he has asked to stay for a week and ended up staying a few weeks. It’s kind of hard to kick a relative out of your house after you’ve already said they could stay. This morning, he was telling me how he needs to fix a bearing on his trailer before he goes and all I could think was that he was setting up an excuse for why he couldn’t leave yet. He’s been a slob and a moocher and he needs to go, but my Dad says he can’t turn away family. Patience is wearing thin though and we want him out. I will be really downtrodden if I get home tonight and he’s still sitting there. Even if he leaves me another mess of beard hair in my bathroom, but is gone, I would prefer that to him still being there and being clean.

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