UPS Visit

I went home yesterday with the hope that my new cellphone had arrived. Apparently it had been at my house, but was then taken back to UPS. Apparently it was one of those types of packages that you have to sign for. That is a good thing I suppose. It would prevent someone from just stealing a box from my doorstep outside and running off with my awesome phone. The problem is that I wasn’t home, my mother wasn’t home, and my father wasn’t home. My brother was home, but apparently he still doesn’t wake up until after 2PM. So with no one answering the door to sign for the package they took it back and just left one of those notes saying that they’ll try again. My brother will again be the only one there at the time and he didn’t seem too eager or accommodating when I told him to make sure he’s awake to sign for the package. If he misses it again, they’ll try one more time on Friday before making me pick it up. It doesn’t matter as much at this point since I am heading to the Philadelphia area tonight. Since it didn’t get signed for on Wednesday, I won’t be seeing it until I get back on Saturday anyway. It’s a bummer. My only hope now is that I won’t be forced to drive and go pick it up myself from UPS somewhere. If that happens, the I’ll be sure to wake my brother up nice and early for the couple days I’ll be at home this weekend. It would be a fitting punishment for his laziness.

We have UPS stopping by DDA daily I believe, and many times they come multiple times per day. We do a lot of business and we are often shipping out CD-ROM proofs, print design proofs, and other items for clients to review. Then they can have the product in their hands and now what it will look like. That saves everyone a bunch of money from burning CDs, DVDs or print materials that are all wrong. I’d be willing to bet that you’ll like the proofs because our graphic designer is top notch. Take a look at our portfolios to see some of her and other past designers work. Then give us a call or visit and see what we can do for you.