Useful Examples

We’ve started working with the SmartFox Server code for use with multi-player applications. SmartFox has it’s own api to work with, so I need to learn that and I also have to learn how to create online multi-player games themselves. Testing for multi-player games takes on a new level of having to open several instances of the application to see how it works for everyone. Something that may work for one user may not work for the rest or just may not show up the same way for the other users.

This is where tutorials and free demo applications can come in handy. By opening and being able to examine the code and setup of existing applications that I know work fine, I can get a better sense of how to set up my own applications or better understand how certain code works. These real examples can provide something that verbal and written instruction sometimes can’t get across. In some instances you will even be able to adopt chunks of the demo applications for use in your own applications. Though they are usually simple applications and won’t meet your complete needs, that doesn’t mean that they will be of no use to your more complex project. Even the most complex applications have to start somewhere.

So next time you are starting a new project, check out some of the free tutorial and demo applications that may be provided or that you can find online. They can open your eyes to new ways of doing things or help you better understand a concept.

If not either of those, you might at least get to save some time by reusing some chunk of the provided code.