Variety of Needs

Yesterday I got to make a tracking system to count hits on all the sections of a flash programming application. So of course to go with hit tracking, you will need an administrative section to be able to view the resulting data. Admin programming may not be seen by the customers or end users, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t still look good and still be easy to use. I can only imagine that it would be frustrating trying to use the administrative section of your website and not being able to understand how it works. You end up angry and still needing help to get what you needed done.

That’s what you may end up with if you go with another company’s template administrative sections. They are pre-built to certain specifications and if your site doesn’t fall within that spectrum, it just won’t work well for you. Assuming you aren’t a generic e-commerce site, you will definitely need some custom programming to make the perfect easy-to-use administrative section for your website, which could be a patient tracking system for the medical industry, a diagnostic tool to analyze user data, or a testing site to track progress and success rates. There are tons of possibilities for what administrative sections need to do and forcing template admin applications to do it just won’t work.

You will need DDA’s custom programming expertise to analyze your specific situation and custom build an intuitive and easy-to-use interface that you can use to get the information you need and to change the parts of the site you need all from one secure location. Our experience building numerous administrative sections for numerous satisfied clients makes us confident that we can build the perfect one for your site and your needs too. So give us a call and we’ll get started.