Video on the Road

Just over this past weekend, Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA) purchased a large pickup truck. All of us wondered, as I’m sure you are, why a digital advertising company would need a pickup truck. Why would a company that does its work on computers need company transportation, and a pickup truck at that. Well there is a reason.

DDA is again looking to the future of the company and expanding our capabilities. We are already the Philadelphia advertising agency that offers the most services under one roof, but now we want to expand our “on-the-road” capability for the video department’s video production services. Our video department has made some really awesome videos already which you can check out at DDA Video, and the majority of that was made at our in-house video studio. We want to offer more possibilities for clients wanting on-location shoots or videography, and this pickup truck will be the key.

We can transport more equipment, more crew members if needed, and hopefully add in the ability to use a crane for some really cool shots from above. With our list of capabilities always expanding and our company always looking toward the future, all other companies in this industry will really need to do a lot to catch up with us.