Virtually Awesome

I was watching some of CNN’s election coverage last night and boy oh boy do they have some high-tech tools. They probably had the most advanced augmented reality presentation on TV that I have seen yet, followed in a close second by NFL football. Augmented reality is where virtual items and objects are placed in a real life environment to interact with so when viewed on TV or the computer, they appear to be part of the physical world that you’re seeing. In the NFL, they have yellow lines that appear to mark the first down yardage line. The players can walk over it and play as they do and it never appears over top of them. It looks like the yellow line is painted directly on the field, yet when a first down is achieved the line will disappear from where it was and appear again where the new first down is like magic. That’s augmented reality!

Now CNN has taken the interactivity to a new level. They have made it so that all of their detailed charts, graphs, and statistics appear as three-dimensional items floating in their news room. They look like physical objects and the presenter can walk around them and interact with them as if they are there. There were some where the presenter could push a virtual button and it would set the virtual object off to do something or show something else. The interactivity with these objects that weren’t actually there was technologically stunning to me. The only thing that would have made it all more impressive would have been seeing it on one of those new 3D TVs so that you could even get a feel for the depth as the presenter walked around them. Innovations are cool.

At DDA, we try to innovate in some way or make something unique with all of our projects. We don’t like to do anything that is made from a template. We go for custom as much as possible because custom is the sure way to get things that guarantee that the client can get exactly what they want. Custom web design, custom programming, custom animation, and more are what we can do. So whatever your digital needs may be, we’ll have a custom solution. Give us a call or visit and see what we can do for you.