Voting Day

Today is the day we’ve all been waiting for, or we’ve all at least been waiting for it to be over with. It’s election day! So go out and vote. There has been about two months of incessant TV mudslinging ads and endless political junk mail in the mailbox. Everyone has been sick of it for a while and will be glad when it’s over. So today should be the last day that scores of names will be thrown in your face and the last day that you will hear about the dark side of every political nominee. Hooray! Let’s get this over with!

DDAers may be some of the last ones to the polls since we work until 6pm. A long drive home and a quick trip to the polls and I’ll be able to get my vote in within the last hour. I made sure I knew where the polling place was last night so I don’t waste time wandering. Since I’m in a new house for this election I got a new polling place to go to. So it’s a countdown to voting for me. Just a score of flash animation, flash programming, and custom programming to get through today before I head down and make my voice heard.