The World Cup is well underway and I can’t think of anything else to blog about right now. So how about those vuvuzelas? They are really annoying, right? For those who don’t know, a vuvuzela is some sort of horn that I believe is native to Africa and that’s why they are being used in the World Cup hosted by South Africa. Inevitably anyone who has watched one of the World Cup games so far has thought to themselves or said out loud how annoying those horns are. I would compare it to the sound of a dying sheep and my dad says it sounds like angry bees. Either way no one wants to hear the incessant noise either at the game or at home. At least at home they don’t cause hearing damage. Apparently the horns make noise above the ear’s pain threshold so people at games can end up in pain and with hearing loss. There has been much debate over whether or not to ban the horns. Players don’t like them because they can’t hear each other, fans can get hearing damage, and home viewers find them annoying. Only the horn blowers themselves seem to support the horns. I think a ban would be appropriate.

Luckily for some home viewers, ESPN has created a vuvuzela filter. This clever creation somehow removes the vuvuzelas’ annoying drone from the game audio and give the TV watchers a pleasant experience. Oh joy of joys! Technology can be a wonderful thing! Now I will be able to withstand watching another game now and then. Not too many though, I don’t enjoy watching it that much.

DDA knows the joys of technology. We wouldn’t be around without it. Since DDA was sprung from being the first in PA to latch on to digital photography instead of film, you can see how it has an affinity for technology. Since then DDA has expanded its digital media services to include such things as custom web design, advanced programming, 3D animation,  copywriting services, videography, and more. If it’s digital then we probably do it, and if we don’t yet then we probably will soon. You see, since the company originated from making a jump to a new technology, we continue to jump onto any new technology that is emerging to try to keep up with the times. As they say, if you aren’t moving forward, then you are falling behind. Our latest expansion is in dealing with iPad and iPhone friendly websites since they have a significant following. So whatever media project is at hand, you can call us to get it done.