Wacky Weather

Are my fears coming true? Are we done with the perfect Spring weather and jumping straight to the oppressive Summer heat now? We are on our second day of temperatures approaching 90 degrees so is it the end? Luckily, it doesn’t exactly seem so. Thursday is forecast in the low 80s and Friday takes a big drop to the low 60s. The extended forecast brings good news of next week with another string of days in that wonderful Spring temperature range.

Why has the weather been so wacky?  We had snow in every state but one this Winter and absurd amounts of rain here when it got warmer. Is this a result of the human impact or just natural? Has this happened before or am I just now noticing in my old age? Well I certainly don’t know and it seems to be an everlasting debate among leaders and scientists as to whether or not global warming exists. As I see it, it can’t hurt to try and help the environment just in case global warming is a true threat. No one likes pollution anyway.

DDA implemented some green practices such as a 4-day work weeks to cut down on electricity usage and travel time required each week in cars. We also made sure to install insulation in the roof of our new building to cut down on heating and cooling costs through the months. I also noticed that we use a cleaning product made from natural ingredients in the kitchen. We have recycling bins for our bottles and cans and some do their best to turn off lights when they are not needed. A green advertising agency that can still turn out top quality videography, website design, digital photography, custom programming, and more. That’s DDA.