The last couple days have been rain-filled again and are trying to wash away the memories of that perfect weather weekend a couple weeks ago. I shall not forget it anytime soon. I just hope that it wasn’t our only weekend of that great weather. The worst thing that could happen is that rain and cold spells fill out the remaining weeks of Spring and we end up going right from Winter cold to deadly Summer heat without at least a solid month of weather in that perfect range. Honestly, Summer heat doesn’t sound too bad at this point, but I know I will be sick of being drenched in my own sweat after a week of 90-degree weather.

That brings me to one of my family’s other money-saving plans. No more buying bottled water. Many buy it for the convenience. Many buy it because they believe that the water in it will be cleaner. I definitely am one of those people. I haven’t touched tap water for several years now at home. Many articles I’ve read though say that this isn’t true and that tap water is no worse than bottled water. I still have a a hard time believing that, but that’s what they say. With the price of bottled water coming out to more than the price of gas, there is something wrong with that. Water is easily found and is easily attainable, unlike gas. So why it is more expensive, I am not sure.

Anyway we saw some commercial advertising for a new water filtration pitcher at Target that looks like it will calm all of my tap water phobias. This one comes with its own water testing meter so you can test the water after it has been filtered. In the commercial, Brita and Pur filtered water show levels of whatever this meter is testing for. It tests three things, but the commercial didn’t go into detail as to what they were testing for. Supposedly though they are things that bottled water is tested for too. So when this new pitcher’s water was tested, it showed all zeros. So it managed to filter out all of those three evil components. Whether or not it is really a great water filtration pitcher or just a great television advertising scheme, it worked on me. Though in the same weekend, I was questioning the power of my blender thanks to an infomercial hosted by Montel Williams.

Well-made commercials are powerful things so if you have a product to sell you’ll need a great commercial. We can help.