Wear and Tear

I went home last night to hear that the big-screen TV in the living room is having problems, supposedly from just normal wear and tear. Nooooooooo! While it is still somewhat watchable, the picture definitely is off a bit. For some reason, there is a red double image slightly to the left and a blue double image slightly to the right of the actual image. It’s almost as if it was made to display in 3D the old style way. The way where you had to wear blue and red glasses to see it properly. Sadly this isn’t true.

We tried to fix it by realigning the colors, but alas this is much more serious than that simple fix. You see, the colors separate more and more as you get closer to the edges of the TV. So in the center of the screen things may look perfectly fine, but on the outer edges of the screen things look much worse. You are forced to watch it with tunnel vision to not lose your mind. I think it’s time to call a television repair person, or get a new TV, whichever one is cheaper.

Luckily for our clients, DDA products do not just break over time from general usage. There are problems sometimes that are beyond our control that stem from code updates and software changes. When these problems do arise, one of our programmers works furiously to find the fix and get it corrected as soon as possible. Database programming, Flash programming, web programming, and any other type of custom programming we do will be fixed as soon as we can, if there is ever a problem.