Wedding Video Blunder

A friend of mine recently got his wedding video back from the guy who did it. They went with him because he was somehow or another a friend of the family. The wedding was on the beach and had a reception at a country club, so it was all nice and things went well. The guy filming had nice equipment and seemed to be on top of everything to get the right shots.

However, my friend and his new wife ended up being pretty disappointed when they got the video. That’s because it was put together in a shoddy way. Their videographer may have been able to shoot the video just fine, but he was not skilled much at all in the arena of video editing. My friend said that there were no transitions between shots and that the screen would go black before the next shot started. Now smooth transitions are the kind of thing that could be done easily by a novice on beginner video editing software. I’m wondering if he has quality professional software and the use was over his head. That or he just doesn’t have the right creative eye.

The other major complaint my friend had is that there were numerous spelling errors. Spelling errors!!! He obviously did not go through a proofing process like DDA. The videographer looked foreign, though I never did talk to him, so maybe his spelling skills were a bit lacking due to it being a 2nd language or something. Even so, if it is something you are getting paid to do, you should make sure you are doing it right. I think in this case it’s safe to say that my friend should have used a professional video production company.

Whenever you’re getting some sort of work done, do your research. Looking at examples of past work is one great way to gauge a company’s future success with your project. If you don’t, then there is a small chance you will have wasted your money entirely and will need to get some other company to do it again.