Week to Week

My fantasy football team has been struggling as of late. I’m on a 3-game losing streak which has finally toppled me into second place. I did at least get to see that I’ve clinched a playoff spot, but a first round bye by being in the top two may be more important for me to actually win it all. I’ve got great match ups if I get to the last two rounds of the playoffs, but the first round of the playoffs is a different story. That round could be my undoing. We’ve got two games left and I’ll need to win both to definitely secure my spot in the top two. I’m not going against any giant teams but as I saw this week, people can have a great week at any time. I just lost to a guy who has only scored over a hundred points once in the season, but when I played him he scored 126 due to his players having great match ups against some soft teams. I’d gladly face him again in the playoffs when he wouldn’t have a great schedule in lieu of facing any of the other contenders, but that’s not up to me. Well this next week will be crucial and I’ll be on the edge of my seat on Thanksgiving cheering on my players and hopefully giving thanks for their performances. Every week is unpredictable and that’s what keeps things interesting.

Every week is unpredictable at DDA as well. You may think that you know what you are doing all week until Monday actually comes. Then you might find out that a client you haven’t heard from in months wants their website done by the end of the week and there is still plenty of custom programming and website design to integrate. Or there just may be a completely new project that shows up with a rushed deadline attached to it.  So one of our graphic designers may need to do the print design for a sell sheet in two days. You may not even get to what you were planning on working on until the next week. As I said, it’s unpredictable. That’s what keeps it interesting and also stressful.

I can’t wait for Turkey day!