Were We Fooled

On both television and the Internet, there were stories about a computer worm called Conficker and how it was going to be launched to do “something” once it became April Fool’s Day.  This worm has been accumulating on computers across the globe for some time and it was set to receive further instruction on April 1st.  This instruction could be to send all users’ personal computer data like login data and bank information or to crash computers or to start spamming everyone.  No one really knows what the intent of the virus creator really is, but whoever it was certainly started a sort of frenzy.  Some have said that the creator may just tell Conficker to wait longer to receive instructions again since this has already received so much attention.  I haven’t seen this much publicity about a global computer event since the now amusing Y2K scare of 1999.  Though this one didn’t have people digging their own bomb shelters, it did sort of alter people’s actions in anticipation of an event.

At DDA we made sure our virus scanners were up to date and ran full computer scans throughout most of the day.  It slows down a lot of the programs I use when the scanner is running in the background.  It’s not typically the DDA way to do anything that slows down productivity, but we didn’t want to be hit by whatever was to come.

Well April 1st has arrived and nothing seems to have happened.  At least nothing has happened that we can see.  It seems like just another Y2K scare and makes me wonder whether that was the worm creator’s April Fool’s joke.  Work everyone up into a panic and then say “April Fool’s!”  Well, it worked, and until someone can find a way to destroy Conficker or the creator does finally launch the evil scheme, we might just have to keep feeling foolish again and again.

Now back to custom programming, 3d animation,  and/or Flash animation.