When I was a kid…

This weekend I was away from home and also away from a modern convenience know as air conditioning. At times it was torturous, but it did bring along a new appreciation for cold and windy rainstorms. It’s hard to go without comforts we are used to and have grown up with. Our ancestors all lived without them, but we now depend on them. They are everything from air conditioning, to the automobile, to cellphones, to the Internet. All of these comforts come from some mixture of innovation and technological breakthroughs.

It’s amusing to imagine that the future generation will be blown away that we were all alive before the Internet. They will wonder how we got our information and how we kept in touch with old friends amongst other things. Everyone still got everything done, but it was just less efficient. Bills and letters were sent through the mailbox, shopping was all done at the stores, research for reports was done at the library, other information was gathered by reading newspapers or watching the news, and you had to keep in touch with old friends by calling or meeting them. Not everything we do with these modern conveniences is necessary. It’s a lot of information overload, but it’s just so easy to do. I can’t even imagine what the new innovations of the future will be. I just hope we don’t end up like the humans from WALL-E. That’s what having everything done for you will turn you into.

Here we trying to start the next big thing in the Internet realm. From flash programming applications, to live streaming Webcasts, to interactive video, we do it all and it’s all done on the cutting edge.