Who Knows

Time is drawing closer for my sister’s wedding ceremony. She flew in yesterday and my one remaining sibling is returning today from Penn State by way of rental car. So the whole family will be hanging out again for the first time since last Christmas. Oh fun. The whole ceremony and reception seem to be fully planned out and ready to go. The brochures were all finally printed yesterday and my mom has prepped some food for a Saturday-morning brunch for any straggling relatives. I guess this is about it.  It’s go time. I’m pretty excited to see how everything was planned out because really I don’ t know anything about the wedding except what the programs look like and where it is at (Holly Hedge Estate in New Hope). Since my mom and sister chose everything and I never really asked, I don’t know what the color scheme may be, what the tables will look like, what kind of food and fun there will be, what kind of music will be playing, who’s showing up, where I’m sitting, or much else. Since I’m not the one getting married, this isn’t a big deal really. If I was a DDA customer though, I know I would be totally in the loop.

DDA takes a highly client-centric approach. You will be in the loop on everything and be given the chance to provide feedback and approval through all steps of our production process. If it is a video project, you can view the taping live at the studio or watch online and then approve the finished product. 3D animations can be reviewed starting from the concept to the modeling to the animation itself. Websites start with different concepts pitched and then a choosing of a custom web design then approving written content and every other item that may be implemented into your site (Flash animation, custom form, advanced programming functionality). The point is no matter what you hire us to do, we will need your feedback and approval through every step or it won’t get done. It only wastes everyone’s time and money when advertising and marketing companies move forward with producing something that a client doesn’t even like. That’s why we stress approval, approval, approval. Try us out for your next project and keep checking your email. The quicker you respond, the quicker we will get it done.