Wow Factor

At DDA, I have been able to make various 3D animations, flash animations and applications, and numerous website updates. No matter how much I have made, I still can’t help but show every new finished product to everyone I know. My parents, siblings, relatives, girlfriend, and family friends have all been given a glimpse at the projects I have been able to work on.

The fact that I love to show off the finished products is a tribute to DDA and its innovation, creativity, and ability to push the envelope. If I was constantly making generic, cookie-cutter animations that were just adjusted to match a new company theme, I would have no reason to show anybody. It would be like saying, “Hey, look at this thing I already showed you” or “Look at this thing I made that you’ve probably seen on numerous websites before.”

The things I get to show them I know they’ve never seen before. The DDA Power Pyramid for instance is a really new concept for showing off some portfolio work and there is nothing else like it out there. Plus, it’s just flat out cool to play with. That one always gets shown if I know you haven’t seen it before. You can tell by people’s reactions too that these things are new to them and that they are impressed because of the “wow” that comes out of their mouths. The wow factor is always a good indicator.

I know there are more creative projects on the horizon to work on and when they are finished I will be proudly showing them to everyone.