XML-Based Flash Slideshow

I just got to make my first flash slide show that uses XML instead of the regular way where I already have all of the pictures and they are embedded in the Flash. Making an XML Flash slide show with transition effects while not having visible load times for the images or having any flickering when images are swapping or switching, proved to be more of a challenge than I had expected.

First, I had tried to use the standard slide show file setup that I always use, but I swapped out the images with empty movie clips to load the pictures into. The problem with this is that there is a flicker whenever the movie reaches the end of the timeline and has to start over. Not acceptable. I then tried many variations of having two empty movie clips with the fading animation inside them that would be on the same layer of the timeline. This way I could keep swapping their depths as new images were loaded. But again flicker was occurring and in the one instance that I avoided flicker, the two clips would become more and more out of sync as time went on and they would eventually leave giant gaps of no images at all. Again, not acceptable.

I had to turn to the Internet to find the solution. It consisted of a main clip that would dynamically load a new movie clip with a different image in it as it went. It would also remove the movie clips after they were done being used. Finally, it had a pre-loader for every individual image and would not move on to the next slide until it knew that the image was loaded and ready to be displayed.

Another day, another nibble of knowledge gained.