XML for All

The more I use XML in my Flash programming, the more I like it. It is so much easier to update everything since all the needed information is in one text file. That means there is no need to republish the SWF file. That also means that you can hand it off to someone without the Adobe Flash application and they can update it themselves with the XML page. If you are programming with Actionscript and haven’t used XML yet, you had better get learning because you are probably behind the technology curve.

XML can be used in so many different ways. Our DDA Video site is currently based on an XML file. I had to convert it over to use XML several months ago just because it would save us tons of time in the long run. You can also store variables in the XML to alter what Flash animation or action may occur for every XML item. Currently, I am using XML to import an image with their captions and their type of layout (regular or landscape) and their width (for centering purposes). I am actually done all the Flash and can just fill in the XML sheet now until I include all of the pictures. It truly is a powerful tool.