XML Saves you Time

The first project at DDA that I was able to work on that used XML was a scrolling news ticker made in Flash. The programming involved to integrate XML certainly took more time than it would have if we used static text, but in the long run it has saved tons of time.

Updating the ticker now is a matter of typing, and always takes under a minute. We have updated the ticker numerous times since it was made and all were completed in mere seconds thanks to the power of XML. We can add any number of new stories at one time and it is just as easy as it would be adding one. This really sets it apart from the static ticker since updating that would take more time, especially if adding more news items. You would also have to republish the swf file.

I am now working to integrate XML into our DDA Video site. This will allow us to easily add more portfolio items to each section with just a bit of typing. This will save even more time in the future than it did with the news ticker. We have had to add more portfolio items before without XML and it has been fairly time consuming due to the complexity of the DDA Video flash piece.

XML and Flash are a wonder for the Flash action script programmers and I encourage everyone to use XML in their future projects where updates are most likely to happen. XML is excellent.