You Can’t Control Everything

When I was driving to work today, I was noticing that I may not need my headlights in the morning anymore.  That’s an interesting part of routines, they may remain the same, but outside factors can change and you have no control over them.  In the business world when things change it can mean trouble.

If you want to know what kind of trouble just ask Blockbuster as of recent years.  Blockbuster had a set business model and was thriving for a long time, they stuck to their routine and were doing well for themselves.  All was fine until another unknown factor appeared in the form of Netflix delivering movies by mail.  Netflix was first on this idea and hit the market hard with their advertising campaign.  People were abandoning the Blockbuster ship like the Titanic, so Blockbuster tried to imitate this service.  Unfortunately for them the damage had been done.  People had already switched to this new service to get movies in the mail, why should they switch back to get the same service.  Netflix had the market share, they had brand recognition for this new market, and they had the effective advertising.  Now Blockbuster is in trouble and it’s a situation worsened by the failing economy.

The moral is to keep innovating and thinking outside the box and make sure everyone knows about your great product or innovation with some great advertising.  DDA offers top of the line advertising services that cover all aspects of the process no matter what industry you are in.  Corporate and medical video, graphic design, print design, 3D animation, copywriting for any situation, andso much more.  So whether you are on top now, or want to take over the top spot, you need great advertising to get there.