You Might Want to Update That

So you already have a website? It’s only 4 or 5 years old? You believe it still “works”?

Well, contrary to what you may think, you probably need to update your website. Internet technology just like all other technologies, rapidly advances and you’d probably be surprised how many things can change in just one year. The software and people who make the websites become more and more specialized and advanced, which in turn can make the resulting website more unique and innovative.

Graphic design for one is something that used to be bound to clunky box-like layouts and flat simple colors. With the knowledge and ability of today’s web designers, your website can flow in any which way. You could have a curvy look, circular theme, or still stay with rectangles. The point is that it is up to you how your site is laid out. Same thing goes with the design. It can be very involved or simple too. Gradients and subtle design in the background can quietly enhance your site’s look in a big way. Plus if your site looks like its make by a novice or like it’s from the dark ages of the Internet, customers are not going to trust your site as authentic. They then end up leaving in fear of a scam or virus.

Search Engine Marketing and Optimization is also an invisible area that you need to look into. You may have a site, but no one may be seeing it due to it’s poor location on search engine results. If you don’t know if you have this implemented in your site, you probably don’t. DDA offers a marketing program that continuously strives to keep your site at the top with the latest top keywords and optimization. We’ve even won an award in this area for being one of the “Top 10 Most Dependable Search Engine Marketing Firms“.

Security is another area that has changed. If you handle sensitive information, you need to make sure you have the latest protective measures installed to fight crimes against you and your customers. Almost make sure you have the measures instilled in your site to protect you from that horribly annoying spam that could pile up in your mailbox or on your message boards.

A final area I’ll mention is the usability factor. This is something that has new features that can be added now that didn’t exist in the past. There are many ways to dynamically load data onto a page without needing to refresh or go to another page. This makes everything quicker and more seamless. Also an expert in site design can make sure that the site’s layout will ensure that people will be able to find the links that they want to find and will see the information that you think it’s important for them to see.

We do all of this and more at Dynamic Digital Advertising.