You Need Tools

I took my car to get inspected last week and was told I needed to change the front brakes and rotors and the back drum brakes as well. So I got my list of things to fix and went on my way. This past weekend I had finally gathered all of the parts I needed and ventured to do the work myself and save the extra $500 from labor costs. I don’t have all the fancy tools that a shop would have, but I have enough to do most things.

So, I jacked up the car and got to work on the front brakes. I’ve done these before, so after about an hour I was finished and ready to move on to the back drum brakes. These ones had their own extra kit I had to purchase with a bunch of springs, which I would find out are pretty strong. After looking the insides over thoroughly, I dissembled the interior and began swapping in all the new parts. All was going well until I had to put the springs back on. They had incredible amounts of tension in them even though they looked fairly tame. I had to call for extra arms and we were able to stretch the spring as a team and eventually was able to finish replacing the drum brakes. I’m sure some people would have been able to do it alone, but I would also think that many mechanics could not do it by themselves. There is no doubt in my mind that there is some sort of special tool used to put those springs on. Tools are made to make doing things easier and this was one situation where a tool would have been really useful.

We use many tools here for our projects that allow us to make the highest quality work we can. Our video studio is equipped with the great equipment. HD cameras, lights, a dolly, and a green screen. Without a these tools, the videos we make would not be possible. Next time you are video editing try making it look like an actor is in space without using a green screen. Now that would be a nightmare. All of our software allows us to make the Internet magic that we do, and we couldn’t do it without it. Flash animation, fast web updates, custom web design, and digital photography editing. With everything we do, we are using some sort of tool or another and we are good with our tools.