You’ll Want More

DDA prides itself on satisfying its customers and that is why we keep getting return visits from many clients. We have numerous long-time clients that come back to us time and time again for their website needs. We had a doctor that was so happy with his first experience with us, that he decided to have his whole website redesigned by us. This is not a crazy circumstance. Clients do this all the time after seeing the work we’ve done for them. You have to see it to believe it and then you’ll want more. We have countless other clients that continually return to us for any website updates or just new media needs in general. We have a new project that, if all goes well as usual, will provide us with many more similar projects along the way. I am currently in the story-boarding phase of this, but we will be filming and animating before you know it. Then we will be able to add another name to the return customer list.

Why do our clients keep returning to us? Is it our award winning search engine marketing department? Is it our dedication to making everything in-house and choosing to not outsource for cheap labor in foreign countries? Is it our vast array of services that they can find all in one place? Is it our green and environmentally friendly business practices? Is it our ability to make every website design, flash animation, medical video, commercial script, advanced programming application, and more custom made to each client’s company and personal needs? It’s probably a little bit of all of those things mixed with other various factors, but you can’t deny that working with us must have been an overall positive and beneficial experience for these clients or there is no reason why they would keep coming back to us.

So just try us out once, even if it’s for something small. If you’re like most clients, you’ll want more.