Zooming to the Future

The hot summery weather of this past weekend made the May 1st opening of the pool quite the appropriate event. While no one got to swim in it yet because of the somewhat yucky water and opening shock treatment of chemicals, it was still making it feel more like summer just having the cover taken off. We did get to use the hot tub though since that had been drained and cleaned way earlier. It got filled up, heated up, and bubbled up to perfection.

Today seems to be quite the opposite with cooler temperatures and a heavy downpour of rain. That’s what the weather does though. It changes. Just like weather changes, so does technology. Things are in one day and out the next. The time from invention to being obsolete seems to get faster and faster as the human race’s ability to improve and innovate new products gets faster and faster. We’ve come a long way since the wheel, but we are still far off from reaching the level of the Jetsons where they zoom around in cars in the sky.

The new way of web development has been slowly implemented over the past year or so. It’s called HTML 5 and it is supposed to hopefully create some more standards and halt some of the browser war discrepancies that cause headaches for many HTML developers. There will be more advanced programming needed to take advantage of these features than the current HTML, but the effort should be well worth it. It should also create a new standard video format for the web and do many of the things that you need outside plug-ins or downloads to achieve now. It should do all of this with a single language that works in all browsers and across all forms of hardware like computers, Apple iPhones and Ipads, and netbooks. They originally said the language would be ready in 20 years, but certain aspects are already being integrated into many websites and people seem eager to make the switch now. Or at least they want to start experimenting and learning with it now so they aren’t left in the dust in the future.

DDA too plans to use HTML 5 when the time is right for their custom programming jobs. This will eventually even spill over into use for web animations. It will also be dictating a new format for the video editors to render videos into for use with the new language. Technology won’t stop changing, so neither can you, your company, or your company’s website. So when your ready for a website overhaul, you know who to come to.