Zucchini Overload

Our zucchini plants are out of control. They easily seem to be the most productive plants in the garden and we have plenty of zucchini from them. My mom had initially wanted to put the zucchini plants in because she said she knew they would still grow well even if nothing else did so our garden wouldn’t be a loss no matter what. So we put in two zucchini plants. Everything happens to be doing very well this year except for the broccoli. The cantaloupes are finally going crazy making fruit, and corn will be ready soon. The rain and sunshine has been coming in perfect amounts for growing and we have plenty to show for it. That brings me back to zucchini which we have already eaten tons of and have a large backup of still in the fridge. We are pretty sick of having zucchini chunks in our food so we’ve been branching out to use it in some more creative ways. We just had zucchini bread which is amazingly delicious, but it still only used up one zucchini. I’ll gladly eat a bunch more of that since it’s more like cake than zucchini. We are next trying zucchini pancakes which I think will also be delicious if they taste anything like pancakes. So needless to say we are getting plenty out of the garden and it’s been worth the work. Now we are just trying to make sure we don’t waste any of the fruits of our labor. Unfortunately some of the time either wildlife or bugs keep getting to some of our crop’s bounty before we do. Many tomatoes have fallen victim and we recently saw a fawn chomping down on some of our corn. It was cute, but I’ve been waiting for that corn for like a month! The hot peppers though happen to be untouched. Hmm, I wonder why.

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