Virtual Forecast

Wouldn’t it be great if we could create a virtual simulation of the weather and carry it around with us wherever we go. It could be like a mood ring (for those of you who remember) that followed you around 24/7 telling friends and coworkers and loved ones just how you were feeling. Just imagine everyone you see on the street or meet with a little ray of sunshine on their head, or a cloud just above them or a thunderstorm pelting down for those in a really bad mood.

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to change your personal weather whenever you want, to add a little sunshine to your life, lift your spirits or maybe just cloud up, hunker down and watch a flick with your best friend or significant other.

Wouldn’t it be great to plan your weather week and lay out your wardrobe in advance, or schedule your vacation weather and not have to worry about whether the weather cooperates. How about that all important 78 degree wedding day blue sky with low humidity or a ski trip in July.

Oh well, we can dream. What is real today is the Virtual Simulations DDA is pioneering and creating for companies across the globe. Virtual Medical Simulations, Virtual Tours, Vitual Industrial Training Tools, Virtual Trade Shows, Virtual Meetings with Live Webcasts and so much more.

So next time your feeling a little low just look up and imagine your own weather network…someday…DDA may just build it for you!