Webcasting 101

One of the many advertising and marketing solutions offered by Dynamic Digital Advertising is video webcasting. An online webcast is a media file distributed over the internet using streaming media that may be distributed live or on demand. You can think of it as broadcasting video over the internet. Webcasting is great for corporate and financial meetings, distance education and training, visual project collaboration, and live events and entertainment. Here at DDA Video, our experienced videographers, programmers and technicians have the ability to set up, record, and archive high quality webcasts to establish effective, visual communication with any target audience.

Just last week, we ran a live online webcast to test our equipment and streaming functionality. People from all over the world logged in to check out what we’ve been doing over the last couple busy weeks. The test proved successful! I was most impressed with the razor sharp clarity and smooth video frame rate. It’s exciting to see so many interested people logged in to see what the “buzz” is all about!

The full range of services for live and video archive webcasts is available at Dynamic Digital Advertising. Work closely with professional, experienced programmers, technicians, and videographers to set up, record, and archive webcasts to establish effective, visual communication with your target audience.