Rendering Woes

I love working for an advertising and marketing company who takes so much pride in specializing in so many digital production fields from print design to Internet development to 3D and video production. As a video editor, if I had to choose one thing I dislike the about my field the most it would be waiting for my projects to load!

We live in a society where technology is constantly advancing. New tools have become available to make every day life easier, new medicines have been developed to help treat and even cure disease, new advancements in computers have been made to increase productivity and communication, and heck, man has even traveled to the moon! You would think that will all of these great technological accomplishments, us video editors wouldn’t have to wait for high definition video to render!

It’s a good thing we’re always so busy here at DDA. While one project is rendering for client review, uploading to our own internet web server, or burning to a DVD or BluRay disc, another project is being taped in our video production studio or a voice over is being recorded in our audio isolation booth.

As technology advances, so does Dynamic Digital Advertising. Stop by our website and see what new progress we’ve made!