What Comes Before a Vision in Video?

In video production, many videographers have a vision of what they want to achieve in their project. While it may not all be set in stone in the pre-production stages, there is usually a goal in mind for the final product. Will the video be informative? Share an inspirational story? Sell a product? Typically, before a camera is turned on, a plan is put in place and those involved previsualize the end result.

Previsualization in Pre-production

In the beginning stages of any project, an idea sparks a concept that needs to be shared, lists are made, goals are set, and brainstorming comes into full effect. When the goal of the project is to deliver some kind of visual element, such as film, video, or still photography, more attention needs to be given to how the visual will come across to the audience.

Before the digital days of using computers in brainstorming and planning, previs artists would use storyboards to hash out the visual elements of a project. This compilation of step-by-step ordered panels would describe actions and visuals in more pictures than words. This visual representation of a plan helped to get a more complete picture of the finished project even before large camera crews came in to shoot, saving time, money, and sanity.

Previz in the Digital Age

The previsual stage of development has evolved from pen and paper storyboard drawings to more high-tech test animations that can really make the story come alive while still in the planning process. Some developers may call it playblast, for the quick, low-resolution animated preview of a project without having to take the time to fully render video. In this preview, viewers are able to get an idea of how characters and props will be positioned and how lighting will affect these elements. Developers can experiment more easily with movement, and even digitally add music, dialogue, and other sound effects, something not possible with a flat storyboard.

Digital previsualization is one enhanced step developers can take at the start of a project to ensure their vision becomes a reality. Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA) can assist clients with the previsual process by offering low-render test animations at the beginning of production and making alterations with client input. By taking the time to previsualize, the end result is realized earlier on, allowing developers to maximize development time and exceed client expectations.

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