Why Produce a Corporate Video?

Do you want your business to be recognized, respected, and viewed as reliable? Did you know you can achieve all of this with the help of a corporate video? A simple video can increase awareness about your company, which will lead to a better understanding of the products and services you provide, which in turn establishes your company as a credible player in your field. Throughout this process, it’s important to stay consistent in your practices to maintain this level of credibility, and a corporate video is also able to assist with this task.

Making Managing your Business Memorable

A corporate video can benefit your company from the inside out. When you need to train employees, teach new information, or simply increase office moral, a corporate video can help. A training video will not only show and tell an employee what skills they need to master, but the information is more likely to stick when absorbed both auditorily and visually through a video format, and it is a million times more interesting than reading a SOP handbook. When the information is more interesting and relatable, it’s more likely to be even more memorable than written material or a lecture alone.

A sales video will explain which selling points are more important and why, maybe through the use of role-play techniques or testimonials. When using a video to do all the work, you’re also increasing the chances these training and sales sessions are consistent with each other; therefore, there’s no confusion as to what message needs to be conveyed, the best way to convey it, and how to continue to convey the message in the future.

By utilizing testimonials, facility photography, clips of staff in action and more real and relatable material throughout the video, you are creating a credible source for viewers to connect with your company.

Corporate Video Productions

Producing a corporate video takes time. Some may decide to just grab a camera and film gorilla style, others may go a more professional production company route, but whichever path is chosen, there should still be a process put in place to ensure the video does its job.

Preproduction: Budget and plan your production. What is your video about? Outline a rough storyboard covering screen actions, narration, etc. Where will filming take place? Do you need actors? Testimonials? Demonstrations? What is an ideal running time for the video? How much do you have to spend for this project?

Production:  Whether in a studio or on location, filming will go much smoother depending on how well preproduction planning went. During production, lighting, set pieces, and the quantity, type, and angle of cameras come into play. Get as much footage as you can, you’ll be happy you did when it comes time to edit. Try different angles and points of view. Make sure audio levels are up, unless you plan on producing a silent film.

Postproduction: Preproduction planning also effects postproduction editing because a well defined storyboard, script, or outline will guide the editing process and transform your project from words on paper to images on screen to a fully produced piece.

Remember these key points when planning and filming your next corporate video:

  • Make it memorable: increase retention by engaging both auditory and visual senses.
  • Keep it credible: Viewers believe what they see, so show them the best and watch your numbers grow.
  • Stay consistent: Create a memorable message as the foundation to build upon and strengthen the core of your company.

Corporate Video Companies

Depending on budget and need, a professional video production company may be the best option for creating a corporate video. A production company can assist with the whole process from conception to completion. Dynamic Digital Advertising is a full-service video production company with state-of-the-art video capabilities all in-house. If you have an idea for a corporate video and need assistance bringing it to life, contact DDA Video today: 215-355-6442