Working As A Team

When I’m not surrounding myself with highly skilled media artists here at DDA, I’m teaching drums and percussion for a local high school marching band. One thing that separates the drumline and pit from the rest of the wind ensemble is the fact that each percussion performer has a unique musical voice that intricately fits within the music. Needless to say, my student’s attendance is so vital to the overall sound of the ensemble.

I utilize many different teaching techniques, concepts and philosophies that I’ve acquired and developed through my own marching experience. Out of the many concepts that my students learn, there’s one thing each one fully understands at the end of the season: how to work together as a team to get the job done.

Working at DDA has been no exception. There are many video, graphic design, flash programming, and website developing projects that involve the help of many DDA employees. Simply stated, our team of artists divides the task and doubles the success of every project!