11 is the new 10

This morning we are updating our DDA Website, which includes the web-based project quoting system DDA developed and use daily. When you are provided with a quote from DDA, you are also sent a group of Must-See links to answer your questions and provide you with more reasons why DDA is the advertising agency for your business, organization or medical practice. Just a few minutes ago, we updated our Top 10 Things We’d Like You to Know about DDA to the Top 11 Things We’d Like You to Know about DDA. Why 11? Because at DDA, we always want to exceed expectations. Here is a brief overview of the 11 Things.

1. DDA is comprised of seven different divisions devoted to a specific industry or technology.

2. DDA has received several unsolicited awards, two for website design and one for our Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

3. DDA Video website. Check it out. Full range of services from creating DVDs, DVD-ROMs, and CD-ROMs with 2D animation, 3D animation, 3D modeling to embedded links, tracking mechanisms and so much more.

4. The Big IDea™ (ID stands for Information Destination)

5. Latest and Greatest DDA Projects

6. DDA’s custom software development division, DDA Apps

7. DDA Timeline. Explore previous DDA self-promotion websites

8. Learn and Enjoy

9. DDA Carnival. Take a trip to the DDA Carnival which is a unique way to showcase our portfolio

10. DDA’s Code of Ethics

11. DDA’s Executive Summary