The time on my computer says 5:27am. I’ve been awake and at my computer for about 10 minutes now. I just finished off a bowl of cheerios and am about to drink a giant cup of coffee. My boys are in bed and hopefully they stay there for another 2 hours while I get a jump-start on the day. I’m not shy to say I am a morning person. Now, I’m not that type of morning person that hops out of bed, skips down the hall and kisses her husband goodbye while handing him his lunch kind of morning person. Rather, more like the stumble out of bed, grab some cereal and coffee, turn my computer on and blink about 30 times until my eyes begin to focus kind of morning person. Oh, and don’t talk to me. It’s just too early to hold any type of conversation. Let me wake up on my own terms and in about an hour so you may find me skipping around the house, parade-style as I get my kids ready for the day.

Today is Wednesday, traditionally hump-day for those working a 5-day week. For DDAers, our hump day doesn’t really exist – tomorrow is our Friday and our Friday is our Saturday and Saturday is our Sunday and I’m not just quite sure what our Sunday is? Our hump day? Anyway… as I am still trying to wake up and ponder the day’s events, I see by my task list that there are no crazy deadlines (today at least) so I sort of have my pick of projects. Shall I work on a website design for a urology practice? Or, perhaps an email html template for a jewelry store? Or, will I choose to work on logo designs for another medical company for use on their business cards which we will also be designing and printing and delivering, on-time of course! Hmmm… I’ve got about a half a cup of coffee left. Perhaps I will decide when it’s empty.