A Bit Wobbly

A few days ago my 9-month old bravely pulled himself up to a standing position and thankfully, because of DDA’s kindness and understanding to allow me to work from home, my 3-year old and I were nearby to witness this event. It both caught us off-guard since we were busy creating some sort of lego structure. But, there he was standing up and terrified. The getting up seemed easy, but if he could talk I’m sure he would have said, “HELP! what the heck do I do now!” I was clapping with glee and probably scared the poor little guy, and after I helped him sit back down he started to cry. Probably scared and surprised by what he just did, crying seemed the appropriate reaction. Well, today he did it again while I was speaking with the head of our copywriting department, Laura, and this time he stood there for quite some time, happy, smiling, meanwhile his legs began to get wobblier and wobblier by the second. Again, I helped him down, but no crying this time! Oftentimes, especially during the initial design meetings of any type of project (website, interactive media or print project) my “legs feel a bit wobbly”. DDA coordinates every ounce of talent we have into our projects. We involve our animators, programmers, designers, copywriters and marketing talents and it can all feel very overwhelming from the start. But, with proper planning and experience as the project gets underway all of our advertising services that have been requested fall into place. Those involved with the project may begin with wobbly legs since ALL of our projects our custom, meaning each project is different and new skills and design techniques are learned everyday so that we may stay on the cutting-edge, but when we are finished our legs are strong and ready for the next challenge!